Welcome to the Lands of Vastivalk. This is a harsh world founded by elements and kings. A darkness is rising will you be able to rise against it?
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 Words of the Tounges

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PostSubject: Words of the Tounges   Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:57 pm

The way of aging in Vastivalk. 13 moons in a Year.
A full year can be called a Niigoon.
"It was only a few moons ago.."

The Elemental powers that flow within the blood of Souls
"Oh come on tell me! My Elood majors in ice!"

"This Spring Relium is going to a strange for sure.."

True Vas Caucus
The Gathering of Astrallouls. Every 12 Moons or If needed.
only True Hearts are allowed to attend.
"I don't plan to attend this Moon's Vas Causus..I plan to destroy it!"

New Bloods
A newborn or very young child born in Vastivalk. Normally up to their 26th Moon.
"Ah! So you are expecting a New Blood! Oh how very exciting!!"

Children who are over 26 Moons and have not gained their 2nd Soul. Used in terms of meaning and humiliation. 
"Get out of the way you idiotic Soul-Less!"

True Hearts or "Souls"
The Adults whom live within the kingdoms of Vastivalk.
"It's time for you to become a True Heart..are you excited?"

"Has to be! You have to be a Astralloul!"

Members of War Parties.
"Gather the Skinners...its time we visit the neighbors."

Wandering Souls who don't live within a set kingdom. Includes Bargainers like Eros. Often loose their Elood to the Darkness.
"Me?! Darling! Why I am a Treader!"

Those who have abandoned their city and follow Umien. Usually marked with his ranking System.
"death to the elements rise to the Shadows!"

Rare True Hearts that have lost their seconds souls. They are dark and kill without reason.
"now stop thinking that way! You are starting to sound like a Deadheart..."
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Words of the Tounges
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