Welcome to the Lands of Vastivalk. This is a harsh world founded by elements and kings. A darkness is rising will you be able to rise against it?
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 How it all began..

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PostSubject: How it all began..   Sat Jun 25, 2016 11:15 pm

"Greeting dear one..." The calm voice echos in the darkness. 

Your eyes, desperate for light, frantically search for source of the sound. 

"Come now new blood, I will not hurt you." It echoed once again. 

In a quick spinning motion you turn and lay eyes on a bright blue light. You quickly cover your eyes as they adjust to the sudden exposure. What was this...this orb? Where were you? What did it want?! Millions of questions rushed thru your head..and as if this strange light heard you...it responded.

"Oh new blood, you are about to enter my home, my love, my world. My name is Lady Vastival. I am the one who created this new place, long ago. Oh! Hahah, your excited I see that! Hold on dear, please, sit still. It's almost time but you need to listen. I'm going to tell you something important..." 

You calmly nod and sit still and quiet as the orb grows slowly. It takes only a second before everything changes and you stand before a tall and kind looking woman. She stares down at you smiling softly before turning and motioning towards a map that hangs against the brick wall. 

Long ago single elements lived along the world. It was an empty place, no life, only the elements. Some living together others staying to themselves. Day after day time would slip past...uneventful...same as before. That was until one day. A small element slowly started to form a soul, a body with two forms. 
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How it all began..
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