Welcome to the Lands of Vastivalk. This is a harsh world founded by elements and kings. A darkness is rising will you be able to rise against it?
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 OOC Rule|Laws (MUST READ)

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PostSubject: OOC Rule|Laws (MUST READ)   Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:54 pm

You must read and follow these laws as well as the ones set IC.
 I will give a warning first. Failure to follow my rules a seconds time with end with the termination of your character from the rp.

  • You my have up to 3 main Characters. No More. 

  • All characters must be accepted by Bailey||Carnival before allowed into the RP. 

  • You may NOT copy others Characters

  • No God-Modding. Period. Yes, some Eloods are more powerful then others but you can not always over power someone/everyone. Be Careful.

  • Not all Eloods are within the Characters. They must train and gain the skills.

  • You can NOT make your own power. The Kindergarten has the list of Eloods.. if you do not see one there you can NOT have your character have that power.

  • Skipping turns is allowed. Just make sure you aren't ignoring anyone.. No more than 5 skips in a row. Please...

  • If you have an idea feel free to set it into play. Try to inform Bailey|Carnival before hand.

  • No Insta-Shipping... People don't instantly fall in love. 

  • If you plan for your characters to have New Blood(s) please send in a record for approval.

More Laws will be added as needed.
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