Welcome to the Lands of Vastivalk. This is a harsh world founded by elements and kings. A darkness is rising will you be able to rise against it?
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 Laws of the Land

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PostSubject: Laws of the Land   Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:22 pm

Rules in the Lands of  Vastivalk

Any and all sightings of Umien MUST be reported to guards or Astrallouls. Failure to do so is punishable by banishment or death. Depending on the Astrallouls in charge of the islands.

Those who have taken Umien as their ruler are to be killed on sight. Do NOT take on Umien himself.

Hunters who enter in uncharted territories must sign in and out at the gates. They must also record their finds and kills.

All Bonds and New Bloods must be recorded.

Follow the rules of your Astrallouls

New Bloods and Soul-less are not allowed to attend True Vas Caucus.

Once a Soul-less has gone through their Gaining they are allowed to join the Skinners....By will or Force.

All families have only 5 rations per member for Food and major resources that are imported. Use them wisely.

After the Gaining all true hearts must go into training for Skinners.

Sightings of Umien are reported to Glacier 

Umienians are to be brought before Glacier before put to death.

Traitors are to be reported. If found traitors are put to death before the public.

Treaders are not allowed within the city gates.


In order to see Lady LaFay a request must be put in.

Sightings of Umien are to be reported to Lady LaFay

You are not to speak of Umien. If you are caught....you stand before the Lady LaFay.

Skinners are selected by the Lady herself. Those who wish to join must go through training and test.

Free to trade...must be fair.

Hunters and Treaders must log in and out at the gates.

Skinners will patrol daily.

New Bloods are to be presented before the Lady LaFay.

Broken Bonds are to be reported.(cheating on partners)


Skinners will patrol 3 times a day. Seekers will always be posted around the borders.

Skinners in groups of 5 or more are to attack Umien if spotted.

All sightings of Umien are to be reported to Guards, Seekers or Skinners.

New Bloods and Soul-less are not to be allowed outside the boarders.


Rules to be established at the Next True Vas Caucus
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Laws of the Land
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